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Individual race!

03/03: All ready, unless weather, for the race of the races: the Individual World Championships (AD)
Por skimo.org el Mar, 2010-03-02 19:45.


Tomorrow is probably the most highly anticipated day of the World Champioships: the Individual Race. 127 athletes athletes will cross the start line in Grau Roig at 10am, but only a few have the potential to win the gold.

This year there are more favourites than ever. In 2008 Florent Perrier was a clear favourite. However, now one would have to be a high risk gambler to bet on any one contestant. Kilian Jornet (ES), now recovered from a slight ailment, will certainly be "the man to beat", and yet, the Italians Manfred Reichegger and Dennis Brunod, Swiss Florent Troillet, and the Frenchman Florent Perrier, also have a strong chance to be first across the finish line.

In female category, the podium will be probably be shared by the French Laetitia Roux (after really bad luck in the last Championships, she is determined to win a medal!), Italians Roberta Pedranzini and Francesca Martinelli, and the Spanish Mireia Miró. Miró will defenitely be after a better result than her 4th place from yesterday.

The planned itinerary remains unchanged. The racers will have to run over 18km and 1780m uphill in 4 different ascents. The itinerary has 2 walking parts and we expect the first racers around 11h45. Skimo will publish results in real time.

Conditions may prove an obstacle for racers. Bad weather and 50cm snow is expected for tomorrow. This could add another degree of difficulty to the itinerary but we should wait until tomorrow. Today the forecast was cloudy and we enjoyed a delightful sunny day.

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Com ja deies Xavi, Troillet i Perrier van amb una F1 diferent, però us heu fixat en el detall...




Aquí amb la F1 diferent

I què passa quan està al podi..


Ep! que aquí porta la F1 d'aquest any...

Sempre hi han ulls per tot!